Essay about Renewable and Clean Energy

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As these days global warming, pollutions and fuel shortages are getting more and more serious through time, renewable and clean energy is increasingly the ideal solution to energy related problems we have to solve one way or another. Biofuel is currently one of the mainstream and highly supported solutions, an idea to make renewable fuel by living organisms such as fiber, corn, vegetable oil or sugarcane. Biofuels, unlike nonrenewable fossil fuels over extracted by people, contains the potential to tackle most of the problems people encounter when using fossil fuels. This makes renewable fuels making it a cleaner source of energy, and a better option than fossil fuels that will ran out shortly sooner or later.

The two main categories in fuels are gasoline (ethanol), a flammable and explosive liquid used mostly to power automobiles, and diesel, a relatively settled fuel used in diesel engines. This also applies to the world of biofuels. While diesel made from renewable resources is called biodiesel, gasoline made from living organisms is mainly ethanol fuel (Gupta, p60). Ethanol fuel is one of the most widely used biofuels in the world, as its market share in the United States grew to 10 percent in the 2010s while Brazil exports over 3 billion liters of ethanol a year (Gupta, p73). However, ethanol at the current stage only serves as a fuel additive/ fuel extender of fossil gasoline.

Corn ethanol refers to the renewable energy made by corn, which is using corn as the…

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