Renewable and Nonrewable Energy Resources Essay

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Renewable and Nonrewable Energy Resources

Energy is used as part of everyday lives and can be used in one form or another. Energy is about doing work and it is all around us. Animals need energy to live and machines need energy to work. Energy exists in many forms, such as:

- Light

- Heat

- Electrical

- Mechanical

- Atomic

- Chemical-etc.

There are different types of energy resources. They go into two groups, which are Non-renewable and Renewable.

NON-RENEWABLE ENERGY RESOURCES ==============================

Once non-renewable resources (natural resources) are consumed they cannot be replaced. The main energy sources used by humans are non-renewable
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It comes from tiny plants and animals remains that used to live in oceans over a million of years ago. As their remains built up on the ocean floor, layers of sediment were formed and gas was produced by heat and pressure. Gas is cleaned and processed after it has been taken from the ground to get rid of impurities. After this it is pumped into storage tanks and carried around the country. Natural gas really has no smell but the distinctive smell has been added as a warning of leaks.

The advantages of gas are:

- Shrinks when cooled

- Turned into liquid, when put under pressure.

- Easily portable in liquid form.

The production platform of gas to homes:

1) Gas is pumped to processing plants on shore.

2) Sent to compressor station.

3) Into storage tanks.

4) Gas companies supply it.

5) Into peoples homes.

6) Gas metres record how much gas is used.


Oil is a very important fuel and is used for many mostly to make them run smoothly. Oil is used as one third of the energy we use today. There are many types and in many forms; one form is crude oil, which comes straight out of the ground. It can be used in many different ways, like:

v In power stations- oil is burnt for the heat energy it can provide.

v In engines- that convert heat energy