Renewebal Energy: Wind power Essay

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Nowday, we use the fossil fuels for many things. Fossil fuels are the fossils of plants and animals that died. We need fossil fuels for electricities, cooking, and even shampoo we use every day. The most common fossil fuels was coal, oil, and gases, but now scientist estimated that after 150 years, we will be running out of fossil fuels. Another fact was that the digging up the fossil fuels create a huge amount of pollution, and it really harms the environment.The best solution was using the wind power as our energy. Wind power is electricity that is powered by the windmill, this power is renewable, and sustainable, which means that it would be always able to get electricity from it unless there aren’t any wind. The wind power worked mainly by the wind. First, the wind spin the blade, and the blades turn a turbines and this generates electricity, then the cable runs down inside the tower. At last, the cable carried the electricity where every it was needed.
Wind power brings a lot of advantages. Of course that it was renewable and sustainable. Other than that, wind turbines also doesn’t create any air pollutions. The winds are blowing stronger in the winter and which provides more electricities than usual, example it was usually provides 3% of the UK’s energy, but in winter it was able to provide 4%. That is because that the wind blowing harder than before, and each wind farm gets little bit more energy, and there are so many wind farm. Which could be a big difference…