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Renfrey Memorial Hospital Introduction While the US has more nurses and physicians than ever before, upcoming retirements and a dysfunctional workplace are creating clinical shortages that can become more severe than the industry can bear (Woods, D. 2009). According to research, half of all nurses working today were born during the baby-boomer years. Therefore, the workforce is aging at a rapid rate. As such, in efforts to prevent a mass exodus from the profession, healthcare organizations leaders are exploring innovative ways to keep experienced nurses (Larson, J, 2009). The average age of registered nurses has risen from 41 in 2002 to 48 in 2006(Bolton-Burnes L. 2007). Even more troubling, in 2006, 45% of hospital-employed RNs…show more content…
This approach did not address the serious issue of the knowledge and skill base of older nurses, Hospitals and health care organizations quickly concluded that while it is essential to recruit new people into nursing, it is as crucial to retain older, more experienced nurses in the workforce.. The endeavor of this proposal is to explore ways to facilitate nurses in dealing with demands while passing on the benefit of their expertise to younger colleagues. A detailed account has been provided of the most important factors and outlined strategies or measures that could be engaged to keep both beginner and expert nurses from leaving the hospital setting. Findings from the research proposal can assist healthcare administrators in drawing and retaining nurses in hospital settings. Retaining the highest quality and adequate quantity of nurses is the assurance of a successful organization (Runy, 2006). The approach employed includes surveys and observations from other healthcare settings. Several healthcare institutions have outlined characteristics of successful recruitment and retention programs. Some of these program strategies are: sustained leadership commitment culture centered on employees and patients with other organizations to address workforce strategies, partnerships broaden the base to attract a
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