Renoir's Depection of Women in 19th Century Art

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Renoir’s Depiction of Women in 19th Century Art The societal view of men verses women depicted in artwork during the nineteenth century differs from today’s view on the same subject. Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), an impressionist painter in the European Arts, began his career in the early 1860’s. Many of the impressionistic painters of this time focused their paintings on landscapes, flower pieces and still-life works. Renoir’s work was mainly focused on portraits, largely female portraits. Renoir’s chosen subject matter, this being women, was odd and difficult for other artists and art critics to grasp at the time due to the lack of importance and significance women held in societal roles. Society continued to be male…show more content…
His work was said to be distanced from other work of the nineteenth-century due to his abilities and his political thoughts. The influence Renoir had on the idea of womanhood of the time and how his ideas of the female body fit into society are what took his traditional idea of the body and expressed it as if it were an extension of nature. This is how Renoir fit his representation of the female nude into the impressionistic views of life. Renoir’s goal in completing each of his paintings was to evoke emotion from the viewer. In doing so, Renoir wanted the viewer to feel as though they could walk into the painting and fit into the painted scene themselves. He wanted to invite the spectator in by drawing them into the scene as if they were on an equal plane as his subjects. Since women were not viewed as an equal to men in society, artists during this time did not paint women for the sake of art and each woman’s own sense of individualism was not shown. Through Renoir painting portraits of women for arts sake, he was going against the beliefs of society and the time. Renoir did not agree with the idea of women not having importance in everyday life. Through his work he gave each woman which he painted an individual personality which others overlooked. For this reason alone, Renoir’s work was ridiculed by critics and other artists and as an end result

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