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Marketing Case study examination 2013 “Renova” Purpose & Mission * Definition (What business are we in?) * Renova is a private Portuguese-owned company that manufactures disposable tissues and hygiene products under the brand name “Renova”. * Purpose (What do we want to be in? * They would like to be Europe’s leading brand that loves the customers, care about them and has a culture * Expand new market in Western EU * To promote the well-being brand of both body and mind, while supporting successful relationship not only of a person with oneself, but also with the whole environment. Company/Organisation Analysis SWOT Analysis Strength: (Internal) * Strong domestic…show more content…
Since toilet paper is a convenience product, people will have to purchase a lifetime long, there is a big opportunity of steady and broad sales and profits.- Moist toilet paper success in Wester EU countries. - Expand the paper rolls impregnated with lotions and balms.- Color toilet paper used to successful in the past. (lead to customer change behavior in the future) * People have more confidence in the quality of the brand due to their experience over time and are more willing to try something new when secure about appropriate quality standards.- Fierce competition from consumer-goods behemoths - there is the opportunity of sales promotions to get consumers acquainted with your product’s quality and justify higher prices. - Necessity throughout the western world and in luxury hotel and restaurants around the world (Exhibit 5). | Threats (External)- The Western European toilet paper market is polarized, with strong growth for premium brands in 2002-2005.- Market is already greatly penetrated and saturated - overcome the threat of market saturation.- High competition on shelf space. Limited shelf availablity space at retail stores.- The company has to be aware of the following tight situation: due to the threat of a saturated and highly penetrated

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