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Renova Marketing Plan Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction & Background 4 3. External Market Analysis 5 Customer Analysis 5 Target Market, Location, Size and disposable Income 9 Competitor Analysis 9 Trends, Growth & Size 10 Macro Environment Factors 10 Market Position 11 Market Analysis 12 4. Internal Analysis 13 Current target market 13 Positioning 13 Competitive advantage 13 Financial performance 13 Past & Current Strategies 14 Brand Marketing 14 Current Marketing Mix: Four P’s 16 Sales & Profits 17 Weakness/Problem 18 5. SWOT Analysis & Confrontation Matrix 19 6. Corporate Strategy 21 Customer Fidelity Program “Rolls on my Mind” by Renova 23…show more content…
for women | Elderly people (+65) | High quality, but lower pricing | | Psychographic Segmentation: Families with young children 0-2 A family with children in this age-range is most likely a younger family, with a fulltime working father, and a part-time working or (temporarily) unemployed mother. Their children are (as most young children) sensitive to irritation around the buttocks area, as they are wiped quite often. Parents obviously don’t want their children to suffer from this. Families with young children 2-6 This family has children that are already a little bit bigger, and the majority of them will now go to the bathroom alone, and can wipe their own buttocks after they are done. However, these children are starting to be interested, probably watching TV, going to school, meeting new friends. They will start to look for models and heroes, and start to influence the purchase-decisions made by the parents, with an opinion and demand of their own. Students living alone This segment lives alone, and has lost its interest for heroes, but the majority is very

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