Rent Stuart Diners: Case Study

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Dear Valued Clients and Media Broadcasters, As the team at Rent Stuart Diners, we would like to address concerns regarding recent encounters with foodborne illness at our locations in Northern California. On August 14, 2016, various customers reported the need for medical attention after purchasing meals at Rent Stuart Diners in San Francisco and Sacramento. So far, we have concluded that the illness was related to sandwiches and salads that contained a contaminated shipment of lettuce. Our team would like the public to know that we take this incident very seriously and have partnered with the West Coast Health Division in search of the greater cause. We take your feedback and concerns into high consideration, and we are working with our lettuce supplier to implement policies that will…show more content…
ambadcillus. The bacteria contaminated eighteen shipments of lettuce as a result of agricultural runoff during a heavy rain storm. Although Rent Stuart is required to take maximum precaution in handling and preparing food, the bacteria penetrated beyond the surface of the lettuce. In effect, the bacteria concealed itself from our reach and unfortunately took its toll on our valued customers. As assurance, the state of California requires agricultural runoff to be contained and will revoke licenses if abuses occur in the future. Our goal is to provide you with quality, and it is for these reasons that we will continue to work with health departments to ensure the health of those we serve. We sincerely apologize for any complications and inconveniences that were caused by contaminated lettuce in our “Super Sub” and “Savvy Salad” dishes. We have assisted with the medical bills of individuals who experienced serious symptoms related to the bacteria. Rent Stuart Diners endeavors for the best customer relations possible and will continue to support the victims to their full
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