Rent To Own Essay

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Before my dad began working at RNR Tire Express I did not know very much about rent-to-own. I understood that it meant you rent something until you own it just by drawing conclusions. I think it is easy to find the benefit of rent-to-own in America especially in tough economic times. Nowadays it is uncommon for people to be able to pay for large, yet necessary items in one full payment. For example, new tires can be very expensive, but they are necessary in order to drive safely. Old, worn tires are a safety issue and could cause more damage to your car if they aren’t replaced. I think many Americans dread having to get new tires because it often times means spending money that they do not have. I think there are many Americans that would have to choose between new tires or paying another bill if they had to pay for their tires in full, upfront. Rent-to-own makes it possible for someone to buy a new set of needed tires without breaking the bank by allowing them to make payments. Another benefit to making payments is that usually the buyer can choose the best time for them to make their payments such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly.…show more content…
Without rent-to-own a person with poor credit may not be able to buy the product at all. Along with helping people with poor credit, rent to own is a chance to establish credit with a rent-to-own company over time. I think rent-to-own is great because it can help someone in a tough situation. As I said earlier, rent-to-own benefits people who cannot afford the product in one full payment. I think about my family and how many bills my parents have to pay. If an unexpected situation occurs, it can really affect my family financially. Rent-to-own offers people some peace of mind in unexpected financial circumstances. It is unfortunate that some people perceive rent-to-own in a negative way, but after learning of its benefits are usually pleasantly
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