Renters Insurance Case Study

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How to Maintain an Inventory List for Renters Insurance After purchasing rents insurance, it's time to take an inventory of all the items you own. With a list of personal belongings, you can determine if you have enough insurance, and you can use this list to identify missing or damaged items if you experience a loss. To ensure your inventory list is comprehensive, take the following steps to ensure you don't miss anything. Step 1. List Everything in Every Room Start the inventory process for your items by walking from room to room in your home. List your clothing, electronics, furniture, and every other valuable in your home. While you are creating a list of everything, you should keep in mind that it's important to be safe instead of…show more content…
Collect Every Receipt You Have Although you have renters insurance and your policy covers your personal belongings, your insurance company may not provide you a reimbursement check based on your word and your inventory list alone. To support your renters insurance claim, you should include receipts. Of course, you won't have every receipt of the items you purchased, but the more receipts you have, the faster it will be for you to get a reimbursement check from your insurance company. Step 3. Make a Video Recording for Your Renters Insurance Advances in technology make recorded video records nearly effortless. As such, you should record a video of all of your personal belongings to reassure your insurance company that you own the items on your inventory list. Once you've made a video of your personal belongings, you should upload the video to secure it just in case your smartphone is damaged during the loss event. You can store video using iCloud, Dropbox, and a host of other cloud storage options for free. There are a few caveats you should bear in mind when it comes to maintaining your inventory list for your renters insurance. Avoid including items you don't have. Maintain both a physical and virtual
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