Renting an Apartment Is a Better Option Than Buying a House

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Renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house I. Introduction Many people may think that renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house, but there are many things to take into consideration before deciding. If one were to know the advantages of buying a house, one just might change his or her mind. Some people think that renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house because they do not have to worry about the upkeep of the property or have to pay for costly repairs; however, buying a house gives the owner extra money in his or her pocket, the ability to modify, and stability. II. Extra money in your pocket A. Extra credits on income tax returns B. Equity that can be used as a line of credit…show more content…
If pets are included in a person’s lifestyle, owning a house would be very beneficial, as many landlords do not allow pets on their premises, or they charge an extra deposit if the tenant were to have pets. There are many rules that come along with renting an apartment or house, whereas there are no rules inside of ones home; however, some subdivisions may have ordinances about certain things and that can be checked out before deciding your home’s location. In one were to need an extra room, one could simply add an addition to the house if the lot in which the house is on is large enough instead of searching for a new place of residence. Many people enjoy landscaping and gardening; however, there may not be any room for landscaping or gardening while renting an apartment because multiple tenants will share a backyard. Sure homeowners are responsible for lawn care and snow removal, but renters sometimes get stuck having to be responsible for them as well because they get tired of waiting for the landlord to have the work done. Purchasing a home with a fixed loan gives the homeowner a sense, as the monthly mortgage payment will remain the same during the term of the loan as long as it is purchased at a fixed rate. Rent is not guaranteed to stay the same and is often raised yearly. When starting a family or raising a family, it is better to have a stable residence to call home
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