Renvela Medication: Case Studies and Analysis

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Sanofi: Renvela/Case Study and Issues Jason stepped out of the urology center at Cedars Sinai and walked out onto the street. He had visited this center in order to receive his test results and speak to his doctor about the next plan of action. His doctor had wanted to engage in a physical examination of his genitalia, talk about the results of the hormone testing and engage in a questionnaire about his physical and psychological functioning. Neither Jason nor his doctor found the visit terribly illuminating. All the tests and bloodwork that came back for Jason was normal. Jason's systems were all in tip top working order, and there was nothing in his medical history which indicated that his system of sexual arousal should be altered or non-functional in any way. Fundamentally, the visit just demonstrated that his doctor strongly suspected that it was his recent prescription for Renvela. Jason was put on Renvela because he had been experiencing the signs of kidney disease not because he had a form of bowel impaction. Renvela is sevelamer carbonate. "Sevelamer carbonate belongs to the group of medications called phosphate binders. Phosphate is made up mostly of the mineral phosphorus, which is an important component of normal bone and cell metabolism… When taken with meals, sevelamer carbonate prevents the absorption of phosphates from food. It is used specifically toprevent high levels of phosphate (and therefore phosphorus) in the blood…" ( Erectile

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