Reoccurring Themes In Literature

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Human behavior is something that has remained relatively constant over hundreds of years. This habituality is made especially apparent in literature. The fact that we still see displays of themes written about in the 14th century shows the lack of change. Also, we are still being entertained by these themes. Literature of a time period usually displays various aspects of daily life, especially the texts we have read this semester.
One example of a reoccurring behavior is being power hungry. This is not only a frequent theme in literature, but in history as well. We see ambitious and dominating characteristics in The Canterbury Tales, The Tragedy of Doctor Faustus, and the Tragedy of Mariam. The Wife of Bath wanting her husbands to be submissive
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People are constantly searching for more. More money, more power, more resources, whatever it may be. It seems that no one talks the time to reflect on what they have before the go searching for more. A catalyst of this is technology increasing so rapidly. We constantly “need” the newest and best thing. People are constantly trying to figure out how to obtain more money and material goods. We have created a society so fixated on instant gratification that we don't even realize how we are behaving. In the literature we have read and in my observation of society, happiness seems almost unreachable. Happiness is made to be about completing objectives, material or not, but once those objectives are met, they still aren’t happy. We seem to try to fill the void of happiness with material goods or relationships with others, and this has not changed for hundreds of years. Big businesses are obsessed with saving money, time or work in any way possible, turning a blind eye to anyone being negatively affected by these decisions.The earth is being destroyed because humans “need” more land, stores, houses, fill in the blank. We are not thinking of the effects that we have on the animals in these habitats or the generations that will come after us. It is the same mentality that has gone on for years of “why should I try to change it? It is not affecting me!” Just as the characters in these stories we feel so superior to, we do not take into consideration how anyone or anything is feeling but
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