Repair Anything Is A Management Software That Helps User

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Repair Anything is a management software that helps user control a large amount of customers, and it also creates a solid connection between customers and user.

After a long time of frustration fixing a computer, people could come to Repair Anything store and get help from an assistant or they could fix it by themselves with all available tools. To keep up with the DIY culture, Repair Anything software is created to help a store manage all the customer data automatically. The software is a combination of two sub-software. One run on the desktop and other one is used on the IPad. Using this software, customers will be freely and comfortable when they are inside the store. Through the software, the user will able to manage all the customer
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Repairing Anything is a combination of two sub-software. One is used for desktop, and other one is used for IPad. These 2 software interact with each other to keep customer information secure, and make the customers feel reliable.

Inside the store, the system will manage all the customers’ account and verify all the login of the customers. On the desktop, the software will allow customers to choose any fixing plan that they want. All the activities like login time and payment of customers will be recorded.

IPad will allow user to access to the system by a pin number. On the IPad, the customers could search and buy any part that is available in the vending machine. If a customer meets any troubles, they could call the assistant from their IPad.

When a customer finishes, the IPad will logout automatically after 5 minutes. The payment on the receptionist table will be recorded. All the activities could be seen on the user account.

Repair Anything is a stable software that is well connected by two sub-software. It could handle a large data without any corruption or delay. All the data will be secure and easy to access.

Repair Anything software has made a development in DIY culture. Instead of staying home struggling fixing computer or going to expensive computer repair shop, Repair Anything will provide anything that customers need to help customers fix their device by themselves. That also develops the knowledge of customer about the technology.


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