Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy

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BSG 302 – Organizational Behavior

Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy
(Case Study)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES:      To help students become aware of the complexity of human behavior in organizations. To help students deepen their understanding of group dynamics and organizational culture. To help students understand the importance of job satisfaction and incentive systems. To improve the students’ group and teamwork skills. To improve the students’ written and oral presentation skills.

PROCESS: 1. Form groups of three or four students. Please note that groups with less than three or more than four students are not acceptable. 2. Read and discuss the enclosed Case Study. 3. Complete the assignment at the end of the Case Study. Prepare
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Plumbers make very high wages, whereas plumber’s assistants make about one-quarter of what a licensed plumber makes. Using plumber’s assistants is therefore a very cost-effective strategy that has enabled DrainFlow to easily undercut the competition when it comes to price. Order processors make even less than assistants but about the same as billing processors. All work is very specialized, but employees are often dependent on another job category to perform at their most efficient level. Like most plumbing companies, DrainFlow gets business mostly from the Yellow Pages


and the Internet. Customers either call in to describe a plumbing problem or submit an online request for plumbing services, receiving a return call with information within 24 hours. In either case, DrainFlow’s order processors listen to the customer’s description of the problem to determine whether a plumber or a plumber’s assistant should make the service call. The job is then assigned accordingly, and a service provider goes to the location. When the job has been completed, via cell phone a billing representative relays the fee to the service rep, who presents a bill to the customer for payment. Billing representatives can take customers’ credit card payments by phone or e-mail an invoice for online payment. The Problem Although specialization does cut costs significantly, Lee is worried about customer dissatisfaction. According to her survey, about 25 percent of customer
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