Repairing Venezuela 's Economy : The Government Of Venezuela

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To: The Government of Venezuela
From: Gaven Small
Subject: Repairing Venezuela 's economy

I am writing this to you to address the current economic crisis that is currently afflicting your country. Your country thrived for many years on large oil reserves but due to the oil market your countries economy is now suffering. It is my hope that after addressing your strengths and short comings that you can utilize my suggestions as an outsider looking in and we may work together to start on the path to securing a financially stable Venezuela. I know taking advice from an outsider may seem illogical but I have thoroughly analyzed your your countries economy and the burdens that it has caused for your people and have worked to create solutions that may alleviate the inflation your country is experiencing. Rest assured that I am a highly qualified economic adviser as I have spent several painstaking hours under the tutelage of The Citadel 's illustrious Professor Sharman. Current Situation: As I know you are aware in this year alone Venezuela has procured an $11 billion dollar debt. In the past years you found great economic success due to processing the largest oil reserve in the world; however in today 's oil market the price of oil has significantly decreased and is not going for $51 a barrel, this is half of the value from just six months ago. I am aware that President Maduro recently made several trips to meet with powerful leaders of many countries looking to establish…

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