Repairing customer trust- article review

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Review of Article Entitle
The Complex Challenge of Repairing Customer Trust
The article of “The Complex Challenge of Repairing Customer Trust” written by Paul Korzeniowski is published in June 1, 2013 by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Magazine. The article is describing how the social media affects on the relationship between company and customers, as well as on row to ensure their relationship to become much better and customers’ pledge of their loyalty towards the company. Social media is using technology to improve the business process and customers’ trust. There are many types of factor that are discussed by different authors. Besides that, there are also many points of view on the complex challenge of
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Now, the usage of social networking is one of the trends. According to, there are 2.4 billion internet subscribers around the world. Hence, we think that internet has been taken over the chambers of connection. In the usage of smart gadgets such as smart phones, tablet PC, laptop and so on, the first thing upon switching on the gadget is to get connected to the internet connection. According to the research in business magazines, it shows most of the restaurant provide Facebook fans page or a website or even both of them. Thus, we think that e-commerce is being used widely.
We found that this article is being discussed objectively. From our point of view, gaining customers’ trust by social media is essential. This article compounded few quotations of the top management of associations as evidence to support the key point. For instance, words of the Future Company’s Smith are often used in the example of the key points. Furthermore, we noticed that the idea suggested is being well explained with the elaboration. In addition, each time a new idea is introduced, the goal of gaining customer trust is illustrated to be clearer. As we can see the structure of the points illustration is with a flow at which the points is being discussed as background introduction, providing an example, then the paragraph come after that will provide the solutions if the problem
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