Reparations For Slavery During The Civil War

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Reparations for slavery
Reparations for slavery have been a topic among scholars and regular people for years now. During the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War many freed slaves were promised 40 acres of land, as a form of reparations.(Staff www.The However, this became an empty promise and nothing was enforced to help African Americans become socially, economically, or politically leveled with white Americans since. African Americans were enslaved to work for big corporations and never received any form of wages after the abolishment of slavery. Businesses that thrived off slave labor continued to succeed after the Slavery Abolition Act, while freed slaves were stuck without any assets to properly function in society. To
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During the reconstruction era Union General William T Sherman issued a plot to give all freed slaves no more than forty acres of land. The land was to be old plantation land deserted with the war. The idea of the mule came then too.(Staff www.The Giving forty acres and a mule even though not much of a reparation was still enough to help African Americans on the path of success. These forms of reparations even though miniscule would have aided freed African Americans on their journey of establishment.
Several corporations that have profited off slavery have done their part by trying to restitute their debts. (Staff businesses were involved in the slave trade by either owning slaves, helping transport them, or even selling slaves themselves. Georgetown University was involved in the slave trade. The 1838 sale of 272 slaves was organized by two early georgetown presidents who also happened to be jesuit priests. Georgetown relied on jesuit plantations to help finance operations Georgetown University has apologized for its involvement in the slave trade and has committed to searching for descendents of the slaves it’s founders helped oppress, and recruiting them to the school. (Staff The University has also decided to change the name of two buildings on
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