Repatriation Is The Process Of Returning Back Home From The Expatriate Assignment

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Introduction to the Problem
Repatriation is the process of returning back home from the expatriate assignment. It has been noted that middle level managers who have completed their expatriate assignment and are returning to their home countries have opted to leave their mother companies due to a failure to readjusted and reintegrate. This has led to the high turnover middle managers that are repatriating to the United States. The United States of America has the majority of employees who are under the expatriate scheme. These expatriates are expected to have a positive career development which has been the opposite in reality. This current study tried to explore the causes of the high turnover rate and the
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However, most of the recent studies have found that the repatriation process has been mishandled and can be a bit dysfunctional in nature (Gregersen, Morrison, & Black, 1998; Stroh, Black, Mendenhall, & Gregersen, 2005). The current and given repatriation strategies concerning middle managers involve expectations of the business stakeholders such as the employees, customers, and the shareholders. The expectations of the stakeholders can be categorized as return, risk, and the stakeholders’ tendency to complain after the outcomes of the business strategies when they return less than favorable result. The returns involve the benefits and profits, which are obtained by the shareholders. These returns involve financial and the non-financial benefits. For instance the shareholders expect the increase of their profits and the employees expect the increase of their salaries, while customers expect the improvement of the services respectively. The risk of a strategic policy involves the possibility of the failure of the strategy. The consequence of the risk may be the loss of the financial and the non-financial resources. The stakeholder reactions involve the tendency of the stakeholders to oppose the views of the employees and the customers. Moreover the workers may start to oppose some policies such as the outsourcing policies, with the view that it may lead to the loss of their jobs. At the same time the customers may support the merger of the companies and
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