Repeating Multiple Mistakes in the Novel, The Natural by Bernard Malamud

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Although Roy is gifted and talented, he also has flaws that prevent him from succeeding. Malamud is trying to say that human doesn’t recognize their potential and how to take advantage of it until it’s too late and what prevents us from recognizing and reaching our full potential are corruption, human flaws and destiny. In this novel, Roy is unable to reach his full potential because of Harriet, Memo, and his foolish chose of Memo over Iris.
In the novel, Roy is surrounded with corrupted people and Harriet Bird is one of them. Roy first meets Harriet on his train ride to Chicago for his tryouts for the Chicago Cubs, in Major League Baseball when he is nineteen. He fell for her almost instantaneously. When they reach Chicago, Harriet invites Roy to her room. After Roy tells her he will be “the best there ever was in the game,”(34) she shoots him with a sliver bullet that “cut a silver line across the water,”(34) shattering Roy’s illusion of Harriet and showing him reality. Roy doesn’t understand the implication of her question. It is meant to be a test and Roy fails to pass the test because he doesn’t understand what a true hero should be. A true hero should be selfless but all Roy thinks about is being the best which indicates that he is self-centered.
After fifteen years, Roy finally made…
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