Repentance: The Story of The Prodigal Son Essay

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The “Prodigal Son” is much more than a short story. Though seemingly simple and straightforward, it encompasses many important themes and symbols. The three main characters (Father, younger song, older son) all represent one aspect of the religious undertone that is carried throughout the duration of this tale. While the concept of family is prevalent in this story, what is actually more important is the symbol of Jesus and his followers that is communicated through the idea of family. The family embodies the idea of God, sinners, and Pharisees. Each character in the prodigal son represents one of these three symbols, and through the use of the symbols the audience is able to accept the idea of sinning, and layer it with the idea of …show more content…
When the son took a job feeding pigs, even longing for their food to fill his belly, it reveals that he had fallen as low as he could possibly go” (Fairchild). At this time the representation of a sinner is immensely highlighted. Luke the author chooses to use an animal such as a pig to really emphasize that the son has hit rock bottom. However, by hitting rock bottom the son starts to realize that he is not better off alone. The son starts to question his decision and states that his father’s slaves had it better than he does: “How many hired servants of my fathers have bread enough to spare, and I perish with hunger” (28). This point emphasizes the fact that when a man has left Jesus to go about his life on his own, he will get lost. The author uses all these symbols to portray a man in reality that has left Jesus and suffered because of his sin. Although the son has sinned, it doesn’t mean he can’t come back to Jesus. In the following paragraph, the son returns to his father and plans to say, “Father, I have sinned against the heavens and before thee. And am no more worthy to be called thy son: make me as one of thy servants” (28). We can see that upon the Sons arrival he has changed; not only does he make the decision to return home, he plans to tell his father to not call him a son but a servant. “Regardless of the motivation to return home, it demonstrates a true humility and true repentance, not based on what he said but on what he was willing to do and
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