Repercussions of the Global Economic Crisis: Analysis of 'Inside Job'

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Business 1. Introduction The period since 2007 onwards has been an extremely challenging one at the global level, with parties across the globe facing the consequences of the economic crisis. In the second half of the 2007, the over inflated real estate bubble burst, impacting the credit market, banking and ultimately all sectors of the global economy. The culprits for the situation created are still analyzed and the complete solutions to revitalization have yet to be found. Nevertheless, despite the ongoing investigation, it is commonly accepted that the primary cause of the crisis was represented by an inadequate fiscal policy, which allowed Wall Street players to increase the debt of the population, to inflate house prices and to swap mortgages and securities. Additionally, the government is also blamed for not implementing the adequate solutions to better controlling the financial markets (Thomas, Hennessey and Hotlz-Eakin, 2011). The economic crisis has constituted a source of dispute in the political, economic and social environments, with the disputes still ongoing. But aside from this, the crisis has also inspired the arts community, with more works of art being created as a result of the influence of the crisis. The film industry is probably the most relevant example in this sense, with some notable crisis inspired films including Inside Job (2010), Capitalism: A Love Story (2009), Up In the Air (2009), Collapse (2009), Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
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