Repetition Compulsion Research Paper

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What would you do if you were put in a traumatic situation? Most people who are have a subconscious desire to repeat the drama, which can be extremely dangerous, especially when the event that they experienced was violent. It can make them repeat it themselves, which would mean if they were assaulted they would assault another, or even desire to have someone do it to them again. This is all subconscious, obviously, but it can be endangering to other people. For instance, if someone was stabbed several times, but survived, they could have the desire to put that punishment on another, especially the person who did it to them. The latter is often called “revenge.” If they succeed in doing the former to someone other than the person that did it to them or even as revenge, this is a crime. If they are out there with this desire, they can hurt people very badly. …show more content…

If they don’t get help and it would’ve killed them the first time had there not been another person, they can easily kill themselves. If it was something less dangerous, like being cut, they may self harm. If they want someone else to do that same deed to them, this can be called “repetition compulsion.”¹ Repetition compulsion can be extremely dangerous, especially since it can cause death. Traumatic situations can be very dangerous, and usually are. They can give rise to suicidality and self-harming. Trauma is extremely dangerous in the way that the mind forgets it, which can lead to the mind forgetting other, more important things that happened during the

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