Replace Traditional Components Like Diesel Generators Essay

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ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to replace traditional components like diesel generators which are used to generate power in a microgrid with renewable energy sources for an Air-force field deployable hospital (AFFDH). In this paper we assume that Air-force field deployable hospital consumes approximately 70KVA of peak power. ETAP software is used to operate for island and grid connected mode and also load flow and short circuit analysis are performed on the system for variety of load and fault scenarios. INTRODUCTION Usage of renewable energy resources in production of electricity is considered as effective method for environment and also for future generation by saving up the fossil fuels. The investments on the renewables in United States in 2014 is about $38.3billion [1].The renewable energy usage is increasing in United States mainly because of the state and local governments, utility companies and other private investors. The U. S Department of Defense is the largest consumer of electric energy, it is about 54% of the total government use [3][4]. Generally, for the Department of defense existing commercial power is used or diesel generators. But the cost of fuel keeps on increasing and diesel generators are not that feasible compared to new technologies. During natural disasters or other attacks usage of diesel generators is not that recommendable because the cost of investment is very high and also maintain fuel supply is difficult. For this paper
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