Replacement Window Research Paper

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What do you see on the other side of your replacement window panes? When it comes to choosing replacement windows for the house, homeowners in the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area want it all. Crystal clear glass, the ability to control indoor light levels, increased energy-efficiency so they can manage their heating and air conditioning bills. Another item that falls somewhere near the top of the "must-have" list is no-maintenance beauty. The ideal curb appeal doesn't only look well cared for and welcoming, it adds to the overall value of your property. Think of your view looking toward the house from the street as an aesthetic bonus that comes with upgrading your home to boost energy conservation efforts. However, getting the most…show more content…
You'll typically find clerestory windows, which don't open, positioned below one roof and above another. Since they are high on the wall, this window type allows sunshine to flood into your rooms, without compromising privacy or interfering with furniture placement and storage options. You'll get a striking addition that defines the roof line from the outside while enhancing interior ambiance and decorating style. Your view from the inside is normally limited to trees, birds in flight, and natural and man-made structures that are taller than your home, or at least the ground floor. If you want to add more ventilation, choose an operable style such as a slider that won't detract from the exterior appearance. Remember you never have to replace a rectangular double-hung window with the same style. Since custom-built replacement windows are designed to precisely fit the open left when existing windows are removed, the size, not the style is a determining factor. Even shape can be modified in many situations, so you can opt to replace that small square window under the eaves with a full-circle window if you want to create an interesting focal
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