Replacing Our Energy Sources Debate Essay

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There is a big agreement amongst the public and most experts that the current energy sources that are used in the United States are in need of a replacement. Dependence on fossil fuels such as coal and oil are problematic for at least two reasons: their harmful impact on the environment (both in extraction method and their use) and the reliance from other countries for supplies, which has created problems on the geopolitical front. Nuclear fission remains a debatable alternative, considering the risks involved in a catastrophic meltdown and the absence of a long-term waste storage solution. The successful advance of horizontal drilling by the energy industry combined with the existing technology of hydraulic fracturing which has been presented as a means to solve both problems at once. It would provide access to 100 years’ worth of energy in the form of natural gas located in our own borders thousands of feet below the surface.
It was thought that these natural gas deposits are cleaner-burning than other fossil fuels, could at least buy us some time and be a reliable bridge to future clean energy. However, in recent years this account has come under increased examination as environmental groups, scientists, and average residents have raised concerns about the true impact of hydraulic fracturing. While there is no disagreement about the relatively cleanliness of natural gas, and the process of horizontal drilling on its own doesn’t pose any significant risks, it’s the…

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