Replacing the Police Chief Essay

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Case 1 Replacing the Police Chief This case study examines the predicament of a city manager Will Spanning whose selection of a most experienced and qualified replacement for the chief of police faced stern opposition by a majority of an agenda-seeking city council who had the power to confirm or reject the appointment. Question 1: What were the advantages and risks involved in pursuing Spanning’s recruitment plan? Spanning’s recruitment plan was a thorough, comprehensive, and systematic strategy to procure the most appropriate and qualified individual for the position of police chief. It was a plan that provided checks and balances, allotted for contingencies and was multi-tier in evaluating each…show more content…
However in this case, there exists a standardized and published code of ethics created by the ICMA to provide consistency and uniformity with regard to professional local government management. In an evolving and contradictory political climate such as that which existed in the town of Dover, the principles expressed in this code of ethics serve as a fair and objective guideline by which difficult decisions can be based on. Therefore, there should generally not be circumstances where ethical considerations are sacrificed on the basis of a given individual or group’s perception of the best possible outcome for the community. Much like a constitution, the ICMA Code of Ethics gives decision makers a tangible reference and provides a scale of ethical justice on which conflicting opinions can be weighed against each other. Question 4: Apart from any action on the arrest, should Spanning have contacted Redmond prior to the meeting to discuss his family’s problems? Spanning was described as someone who coming in to the job of city manager for Dover, work hard to establish a decorated and accomplished career in municipal government. That being said, while employment opportunities come and go, a reputation of standing firm by a strict code of ethics is an invaluable feature of one’s professional profile. Although most anyone would prefer employment separations to be matters of personal choice rather than termination, someone
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