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No matter which one of the classic Chevys that are representative of an American classic you prefer, you know that hotrods and iconic cars and trucks have a lot of fans. Whether you customize your 1964 through 1972 GMC or Chevy C/K truck, or you are restoring a 1968 through 1974 Nova, you want parts that will help you win shows. Make sure that you replace old headlights for a showroom look. H&H Classic can help you with your restoration project.

The headlights in your vehicle let you see the road in front of you at night. The original headlights in any of the classic cars were not very bright, so visibility is limited. This headlight conversion kit helps you convert your old headlights
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The felt offers protection for the edges of windows and metal, so that they do not get chipped or broken. This window felt kit has the inner and outer felts for the doors and quarter windows in it. They fit 2-door models of the 1967 and 1968 Bel Air and Biscayne. This felt kit is made in the United States by Repops. Repops is known for their restoration parts for classic cars and trucks. When a car sits for any length of time, the felt can deteriorate, so when you are getting your custom car ready for the show, make sure you add new window felt to the doors. At H&H Classic, you will find that we have a large selection and low prices on all of our classic Chevy parts and accessories. We also offer free technical assistance from our experienced staff should you have any questions about this part or any other that we…show more content…
Tailgates get a lot of abuse because cargo runs into them, people can hit the truck and dent the tailgate and they can deteriorate from rust or other damage. When you restore your Stepside, replace the tailgate with a reproduction tailgate. This tailgate is OEM thickness and made with raised Chevrolet letters like the factory gate. It fits all 1954 through 1987 Chevrolet Stepside trucks. You will need to buy the inner hardware and the hinges separately in order to complete the installation. This tailgate has been manufactured by H&H Classic Parts. They are a family-owned and –operated business that specializes in classic Chevys. They offer the best parts for the best prices with the fastest shipping. If you have any questions, we offer free technical assistance from our experienced staff. We have a large selection and low prices on all of our Stepside
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