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Intro + Summary: A lot of research has been going on focusing on an infants ability to understand false beliefs. Researchers are emphasizing on an infants ability to understand mental representations. However, at the same time being critical of some of these assumptions underlying such premises is very important. Luo (2011) is one of the researchers who tried to test the idea of false beliefs in 10 month old infants.
In his first experiment, Luo(2011) reported that the infants responded with increased attention when the agent selected the block instead of the cylinder, only in the condition where the agent falsely believed that both the box and the cylinder were present. In the second experiment, Luo (2011) tested the converse contrast in which an agent is sitting behind and in between a pair of screens. In both conditions, Luo (2011) reported that 10-month-olds looked longer when the agent selected the block instead of the cylinder , only in the situation where the agent was aware of two objects, not when she falsely believed that only one object was present. These findings strongly suggest that infants ascribe a preference to an agent and look longer when the agent fails to act in accordance with her preference. However, this was only correct when the agent truly or falsely believed that she is encountering two objects.
Since infants are pre-linguistic organisms, it is difficult to know how they are able to understand cognitive abilities, as language is necessary in…
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