Report Activities 1 And 2 4DEP

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CIPD Diploma in HR practice – level 3.
Assignments 1 and 2
Topic: CIPD Profession Map and HR/L&D practitioner services.

Date: 06.01.2015
Student: Katarzyna Zarnowska
Tutor: Jill Wilson

My report briefly summarise the CIPD Profession Map, then I would like to make comment on the activities and knowledge specified within one professional area first. The second part my report will outline how an HR/L&D practitioner should ensure the services provided are timely and effective.

Table of contents.
1. Introduction.
2. The summarise the CIPD Profession Map.
2.1 The architecture of CIPD Profession Map.
2.2 How the Map works?
2.3 Comment on the one of the professional areas - Insights, strategy and solutions.
3. How an HR
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I develop actionable insights so my curiosity to identify opportunities and risks, collaborate internally to choose appropriate priorities and activities. I used my curiosity to develop and implement situational HR solutions, by extensive research. Supported by the behaviour I am able to build capacity and capability. I am creative and seen as credible when I inspire others people, regardless the management level they are on. I inspire and help to develop not only colleagues in my team but also other teams such as payroll or operational. Managing people and helping them reach performance, means that I understand how each person works to do the task that I understand the goals and I can work using the appropriate tools. With my professionalism and curiosity, I can find the proper way to manage issues, situations and difficult situations than advise accordingly and support each individual, assess team culture and provide insights. Being curious means being very interested on how the business is working, how each department and individual is contributing within the organisation, how the business suits the market, how the competition or similar companies are working and functioning. Being curious means being up to date with the job requirements, including law, HR and others departments’ processes or company policies. Having the necessary knowledge and being constantly interested in

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