Report Based Upon Observation On The Classroom

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John Halsey SPOL 637 Dr. B August 21, 2014 Observation Paper Report based upon observation in the classroom. During your observation, identify a specific deficit of one of the students or the class in general. Describe in detail: 1) classroom environment, 2) strengths and weaknesses of the classroom, 3) identification of the specific deficit and why do you think it is a deficit, 4) What strategy would you use for the specific deficit and 5) your reflection about the observation. This paper is based on ten days of observation and collaboration at Fleming County High School. During my time there, I learned that Fleming County schools generally use the universal screener MAP or Measure of Academic Progress computer test to scientifically calculate an approximation of each student’s educational performance level. All students in grades 9-12 participate in the MAP testing for math, reading, and language. Students take the MAP test in the fall and spring of each academic year in order to ascertain their instructional level and measure academic growth. Each subject is tested for one hour and then the data is tabulated into RIT scores. Teachers then assess whether or not each student is progressing educationally and that they are not falling behind their peers in these subject areas. Furthermore, teachers will often use this information to center on differentiating lessons to greatly promote student academic growth by employing interventions and approaches that fully meet

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