Report : Driving Employee Engagement

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Our survey resulted a slight correlation between frequent SF and overall employee engagement. However previous academic research on the topic suggests there is a much stronger correlation than we were able to conclude with our survey. We believe this is a direct result of convenience sampling method. According to researchers the article, Driving Employee Engagement, cites five major components of performance management as an enabler to employee engagement: one of these factors being ongoing feedback in setting goals, recognition, development opportunities, appraisals, and establishing trust. It is clear that feedback is important; however, we cannot confidently conclude that the frequency of the feedback is directly correlated to employee engagement. Further research is required to understand the impact of the feedback content, managerial behaviors, role and time in the organization. Organizations looking to improve engagement should focus on the department level on what manager does, and how often, could lead to better worker productivity, greater goal achievement (both departmental and organization), longer employee tenure, and ultimately, greater profits. The answer to this question will enable organizations to have a deep understanding of employee engagement drivers, remain competitive, profitable and reduce turnover.
More study to clearly support our hypotheses would have great impact on training and development programs of managers at organizations to…

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