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Gabriella D’Agosto
Report about the movie “Invictus” The movie “Invictus” tells a small part of the story of Nelson Mandela, ex-president of South Africa and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for helping his country to fight against the apartheid. In the movie, Mandela (Morgan Freeman) had just left prison and become the president, with the intention of unite the people and make them live without racism and prejudice. Mandela uses the national rugby team to help him achieve his goal. All the players and all the supporters of the team were white, while black people, who liked more soccer, hated them. The president had a tough task, but he united his efforts with the captain of the team, François Pienaar (Matt Damon), so they could make
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He did a very good job with the team that now had a black player representing all the black people. The team was not only playing better, but also was gaining support from everyone.
The players had to go to a poor neighborhood to shoot a marketing commercial for the World Cup playing with some kids. That was perfect for the president goals because it would prove that black people did not hate the team anymore, show the country they could be united and support the Springboks together. The players, except the captain, did not want to go (about 56min), because they thought it would be a waste of time and they should be practicing, not playing with poor kids. François told them they had to go because they were more than a team now, they were the hope for a mixed and united country. South Africa had changed, so they had to change too. The players went to the poor neighborhood and played with the kids. It was a transforming experience for them and for all the country. Now people were realizing how black and white people must be in the same places and live the same life. Everyone has to be represented and only now black people knew how that was like. Springboks won the World Cup while people from both races watched them playing in the stadium. Everyone was supporting the same team together, as a nation should be and everyone was very happy. Mandela made them feel like they were all from the same people
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