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During the re-engagement lesson, I wanted to deliver an effective lesson in which the students were able to make a connection with everyday life objects and materials. I had other ideas such as using different colored counting chips, but I decided to incorporate elements that were not common in the classroom. I decided to use M&M’s candy, as I felt it would have brought more excitement to the lesson. After analyzing the teacher's original lesson as well as the students’ work samples, I realized the major challenge that the students faced was a conceptual misunderstanding that made the students struggle with the topic, particularly, pertaining the analysis of the given data. Based on my observation, the students did not understand the purpose of the bar graph and tally chart in coherence with each other. She used the same strategy throughout by which she did surveys by requiring the students to raise their hands to determine “What is their…show more content…
At the end of the lesson, I felt my lesson did give the visual understanding of the concepts and ideas pertaining the presentation and analysis of data using tally charts and bar graphs enabling the students to improve their mastery of the concepts learned. However, in the future, I would scaffold a mini-lesson for the students that had trouble with understanding the question based on the data, especially considering that some of the students were not able to differentiate if the word problem necessitated addition or subtraction. I also feel it would also be effective to guide using demonstrations and help them in rephrasing the current challenges and concepts. By doing so will help them prepare to do so in future so when problems such as this arise they are prepared. This strategy can help them retain the concepts and approaches to solve such problems and have a better understanding of the concepts taught currently and apply them in the
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