Report On A Biological Issue Essay

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Biology 1.2 Achievement Standard 90926 v1 REPORT ON A BIOLOGICAL ISSUE: This report in mainly about type 2 diabetes an the biology behind it. Introduction: The main things that will be discussed and outlined throughout this report is 3 main things. Firstly, what type 2 diabetes is. Secondly, what impacts it has on us and society and lastly if a proper diet and good exercise could somewhat reduce, decrease or prevent your chances of getting type 2 diabetes. These three questions will be answered with supporting information found on websites, articles and youtube video clips. Type 2 diabetes is a growing issue for many people globally including New Zealand one reason for the write up of this report is to inform others about the risks and consequences that accompany the disease. Figures recently showed that New Zealand is suffering what has been called an “obesity epidemic.” A recent national health survey shows that nearly one in three people of New Zealand’s population are classified as overweight. New Zealand is now classified as one of the top three fattest countries, behind the US and Mexico, where 36.5% and 32% of the populations are obese. New Zealand’s rate is just below 29%. Statistics show that one in 10 children between 2 and 14 years which is approximately 79,000 children can get Type 2 Diabetes. Rates of obesity are common in the 45-65 age group and the figures among New Zealand’s Maori and Pasifika population came to an amount of around 46% and 67%.
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