Report On Advance Accounting Theory Standard Of The Rio Tinto

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This report focuses on advance accounting theory applicable to the Rio Tinto. Report aims to bring the reality vs the claims made by Rio Tinto in serving the community. Non-financial and financial reports has been scrutinized and tested to see the claims made by Rio Tinto are legitimate and fair. Report closely focused on Legitimacy theory, Sustainable development, Social and Environmental Reporting. Different community reach programs developed by Rio Tinto are tested on the grounds of legitimacy and other accounting theories. Effort has been made to see the transparency in the disclosure of environmental and social information provided by the company. Conclusion It is very important to for any public organization to improve their transparency on social and environmental matters. Although major mining and exploration giant position itself as ethical and fair employer. According to the Way We work, the company focuses on social wellbeing, environmental stewardship and strong governance and integrity systems. Rio Tinto feels it is important to bring openness and transparency to ensure its communication is well received by the outside world. It is important to use the right mix of the technology, so that their material and additional information is easily accessible. Moreover Rio Company Profile Rio is the biggest earth mineral exploration company. Rio takes pride in finding, mining and processing the earth’s mineral and resources. Their Major products are

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