Report On Agriculture And Natural Resources

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Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

August, 2014

Contents 2
Acronyms and abbreviations 2
Executive Summary 4
1. Introduction 5
1.1. Use of biomass in Sub-Saharan Africa 5
1.2. Use of biomass in Malawi 6
1.3. Energy Conservation Projects in Malawi 7
1.3.1 Improved Stove Design: Energy Studies Unit 7
1.3.2 GTZ Projects 7
1.3.3 Blantyre Fuelwood Project 8
1.3.4 MBAULA Network 8
1.4. Studies on improved biomass cooking stoves in Malawi 8
2. Conclusions and Recommendations 10
References 11

Acronyms and abbreviations

ICS Improved Cooking Stoves
ProBEC Programme for Biomass Energy Conservation
MBAULA Movement for Bio-energy Advocacy, Utilization, Learning and Action
MEET Malawi Environment Endowment Trust (MEET)
IFSP Integrated Food Security Programme

Executive Summary
Biomass particularly firewood and charcoal is a dominant source of energy in both rural and urban settings of Malawi thus creating pressure on the forest resources. Several programmes have been put in place to ensure low demand for biomass so as to avert effects associated with the situation above. One such intervention is use of improved cooking stoves (ICS). This desk study was conducted in order to understand the current situation as regards to availability, promotion and adoption of ICS in Malawi. The review showed that Chitetezo Mbaula is common improved stove followed by Kenyan…
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