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Control Testing Results (Slides 4 – 8) (CAP Slides 81 – 102)
Overall Comments
 DLA’s control testing results does not identify a time period for when the controls were assessed.
 The document does not identify which controls were assessed for the various assessable units.
 Work products for the assessable units (referenced below) will be provided to FIAR the week of 9/28/15 with Group 8 document submission.
 Although the control failures are similar to what we’ve seen in previous SBA and Inventory assertion packages, we are unable to specifically identify the controls that were assessed by DLA.
 There were a total number of 80 key controls for the FRR assessable units (Trial Balance Management/ Invoice to Disbursement/ Billing to Collections) – 56 of which were tested to date. FIAR will need to determine if the controls were unique to each assessable unit and when DLA plans to test the 24 remaining controls.
 It appears that assessable unit, Inventory Transaction Reporting, was formerly titled, P2S_PCM13=NEIQ Perform Inventory Management – IRM. If in fact the process was renamed during the PCM consolidation process, there were several process and control gaps identified within the former PCM. FIAR needs to determine if the gaps, previously identified, are being remediated by the agency and tracked by CAP documentation.

• P_FRR_38_Trial_Balance_Management o Please confirm if the 35 key controls noted are specific to the Trial Balance Management assessable unit;…

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