Report On Internet Of Internet

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-architecture and security issues
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Report by Uma maheswari chinta and Deepak metlapalli

1. Abstract:
In the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT), an expanding number of installed gadgets of various kinds (e.g., sensors, cellular telephones, cameras, smart meters, brilliant autos, traffic lights, savvy home appliances, and so forth.) are currently fit for imparting and sharing information over the Internet. Despite the fact that the idea of utilizing inserted frameworks to control gadgets, instruments and apparatuses has been proposed for practically decades now, with each new era, the continually expanding abilities of calculation and correspondence posture new open doors, additionally new difficulties. As IoT turns into a dynamic examination zone, distinctive strategies from different perspectives have been investigated to advance the improvement and notoriety of IoT. One pattern is seeing IoT as Web of Things (WoT) where the open Web norms are bolstered for data sharing and gadget interoperation. By penetrating savvy things into existing Web, the customary web administrations are advanced with physical world administrations. This WoT vision empowers another method for narrowing the boundary in the middle of virtual and physical universes. In this paper, we expound the structural engineering and some key empowering advances of WoT. Some pioneer open stages and models are
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