Report On Raph Rashid Mobile Food Vans

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Assessment Instructions

Part 1 Research Design Questions

Read the Research brief on Raph Rashid Mobile Food Vans and complete the research plan activities below.

Raph Rashid Mobile Food Vans

Raph Rashid Mobile Food Vans is a fleet of mobile food vans including Melbourne-based The Taco Truck, Beatbox Kitchen and a soon-to-be launched Sydney-based The Taco Truck. Founded in 2009, after witnessing the mobile food van trend sweep the United States, Rashid’s venture has met with incredible success and developed a cult following amongst hipsters, young families and iPhone wielding inner city residents alike. Rashid’s fleet use social media to drive customers to various sites within the area they are licensed to trade in and are also
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festivals/markets etc.).

1 For each of the below objectives create a research Design/Plan and Research Rationale –
Use: decision tree, pros and cons sheet and survey error analysis in your rationale

Objective 1 Taco Truck Mobile Food Vans is considering launching another truck in Melbourne and one in Brisbane. The find out which councils in Melbourne/Brisbane will allow kerb/truck trading.

Problem: Whether you are allowed to truck trade in the Melbourne/Brisbane council.
Secondary Research: It’s secondary because you this information has already been published online. It is external research as they conduct their research elsewhere via council website or the council itself.
Pros: It is very cost efficient, it provides you with a great overview of the market. The data collected is also based on actual sale figures or research that has been conducted on large samples.
Cons: The data from the secondary research may not be updated regularly. The data may not be tailored to Raph Rashid’s needs. It could also be expensive if you are purchasing many reports on the different kinds of market places.

Objective 2 what is the potential market size for Taco trucks in Brisbane at approved sites? Problem: Wanting to expand but don’t know the Geographic of the sites in Brisbane. Viability?
Secondary Research: We use secondary research because we can view this
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