Report On Rocket Sled Catchment Arresting Systems

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Written Report Concerning Rocket Sled Catchment Arresting Systems
QinetiQ, a defence technology company headquartered in Farnborough, have a problem regarding their Pendine long test track facility located in South Wales. The test track is 1500m long and test items are powered down the track on sleds pushed by rocket motors. QinetiQ are finding a variety of engineering challenges in containing the rocket motor sleds in relatively short distances at the end of the track on high velocity trials (600m/s – 700m/s). There is often significant damage caused to the capture systems used on such trials and the damage caused to them mean that they cannot be reused.
1. Introduction
1.1. Brief
1.2. Background information
1.3. Project Plan
2. Research
2.1. Methodologies Theory
2.1.1. Source
2.1.2. Data
2.2. Quality of Research
3. Design Requirements
3.1. Physical Aspects
3.2. Cost
3.3. Maintaining the validity of the rocket test
4. Potential Solutions
4.1. Electromagnetic Induction Braking System
4.1.1. Theory
4.1.2. Cost
4.2. Water-based Arresting System
4.2.1. Theory
4.2.2. Cost
4.3. Aircraft Inspired Arresting System
4.3.1. Theory
4.3.2. Cost
5. Further Analysis of Catchment Options
6. Conclusion
7. Appendix
1. Introduction
1.1. Brief
The aim of his report is to obtain a thorough understanding of the problem that I am facing as part I will endure in my year 13 project as part of my BTEC Level 3 Qualification. I have identified a problem in an engineering company

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