Report On Soils And Their Management

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Week 8: Soils and Their Management (21 April 2016) This week topic is about soil, with three presenters; Richard Greene, Julia Jasonsmith and Craig Strong. Ricard start his presentation with Carbon in soil, while Julia was focused on contamination in soil, finally Craig discussed about dust observation in Australia. The first presenter talk about carbon sequestration and the capturing carbon using trees and how the Carbon concentration decreased from soils. He also explained about how carbon credit works for Australian farmers. Further, the Soil Carbon Matrix Method (Keith, H., et al, ND) was explained in terms of soil assessment to increase soil quality by carbon sequestration. Julia Jasonsmith talked about contamination in soil, and…show more content…
The reason why dust should be trace because agricultural dust could be seen as indicators for soil quality and wind erosion in Australia is major threat for soil asset. Further, the pace of soil eroding is faster than its forming pace. The method on dust monitoring in Australia is Dust Watch with community based science (DW-CBS). This method is affiliation program from community, scientist and government. The lesson that I get from this topic is soil management could work if we have basic data on soil quality and it could help traditional farmers to manage their land. In my hometown, agriculture was manage traditionally and the farmers not using fertilizer because the soil is fertile and they used ancient techniques to manage their land. However, if we can combine the traditional way and modern technique such as soil carbon matrix method it could help to increase the quality of soil and will help the farmers to increase their agriculture products. Week 9: Energy (28 April 2016) Presentation by Dr Kyle Catchpole and Professor Ken Baldwin this week is focused on energy. Dr Kyle Catchpole start with renewable energy and she mentions about the potency of renewable energy in Australia such as wind turbine, and solar energy. In recent year renewable energy are cheaper due to the improvement of technology. The second presenter talks about future energy in Australia and the world, he stated that spectrum of energy
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