Report On Staff Performance Management

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Report On Staff Performance Management
Improving Staff Performance by Internal Communication

Executive Summary
Effective internal communication can improve staff performance. With the clear goal and direction are given, employee know where they are now and there will going to. However the successful internal communication is not always easy, the misleading of the wrong or ineffective information will lose time and reduce productivity. To improve the internal communication, company should create a culture of communication and set up system that measures the effectiveness of the communication. However, to conduct the successful communication is not the final goal, and the final target is rising the morale of the staff and improves their performance, which can lead to a higher productivity. Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
1.0 Introduction 4
2.0 Information of Company That Has Been Chosen 4
3.0 The lack of effective communication influence the staff performance 5
4.0 Improve staff performance through internal communication 7
4.1 Concepts of internal communication 7
4.2 Produce of “culture of communication” 7
4.3Three keys to improve internal communication 8
4.3.1 Setting clear goals at the first place. 8
4.3.2 Establishing systems to ensure clearness of the information. 9
4.3.3 Awarding differently. 9
5.0 Roles That Market valuation plays in internal communication 10
6.0 The implement of the internal communication strategy in Warba 10
6.1 Setting clear goals at the…
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