Report On The Constitution Of Medina

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Report on The Constitution of Medina
The Constitution Of Medina, ed. and tr. A. Guillaume; reprinted in C. Warren Hollister et al.,eds, Medieval Europe: A Short Source Book (New york, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill, 1982; 4th ed.2002), 81-83.
The Constitution of Medina was both a religious and political document written by Muhammad and his followers. It was written in the later part of the early sixth century of the current era. The document shows the structure upon which Muhammad organized both the political and spiritual life of those he governed. The Constitution of Medina was created in a time when Muslims were part of different tribe and lacked a definitive political structure.
The purpose of the Constitution of Medina was to create an agreement between the Quraysh and the people of Yathrib, which was later known as Medina. The Quraysh were the prominent community within Mecca, whom Muhammad had triumphed over. Muhammad wished to unite Muslims and addressed this concern by keeping the Quraysh’s custom of paying blood prices within the constitution. For this reason, Muhammad created an agreement which abode to certain traditions already present within Mecca. Muhammad established a practical governance of Muslims, by allowing tribal customs to remain present even after he took over.
To further establish a bond between Muslims, Muhammad wrote into the document the principle of God’s protection. This protection, granted by God, was for all Believers. Believers were not to kill other

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