Report On The Economy Of Kazakhstan Essay

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Report On The Economy of Kazakhstan June 14
The document provides a detailed report on the economic condition in the country of Kazakhstan . The report contains basic introduction and economic highlights etc. Sahil Sukhija
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1. About Kazakhstan: An Introduction

Kazakhstan is the largest ex-Soviet Union state and the ninth largest country worldwide, but it is sparsely populated with 17 million inhabitants (13th lowest population density worldwide). The extractive sector, the backbone of the economy, is dominated by international companies, which finance their activities from their foreign parent companies. Consequently, Kazakhstan has a high level of private foreign debt. The state is strongly present in the economy. Its investment holding company, Samruk Kazyna, holds assets to tilling 50% of GDP, divided over the oil, gas and financial sectors. The participation in the financial sector is a consequence of a bail-out after the 2009 crisis, when the banking sector was overhauled. China is the most important business partner for Kazakhstan due to its share in trade and investments (China currently holds 24% of the oil sector).
2. Economy

The role and economic significance of the countries of Central Asia have been transformed over the past decade. High oil and commodity prices have been a key factor in their impressive growth, but growth has also followed post-independence reforms in economic
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