Report On Unacceptable Residues Of Antibiotics

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Research Assignment on unacceptable residues of antibiotics in fisheries product I. INTRODUCTION After the creation of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1947 , the fast-forward of globalization and rapid growth of technology are the main reason that facilitates trading process much more conveniently. Cross-border trade is not an unusual subject in this current time. In fact, trading globally has various advantages directly to consumers and contracting parties such as opportunity to enjoy lower price of goods and services as well as conglomerate of product selections. Nevertheless in business industry, some producers desire to maximize profit without accountability of risk to human health, animals and plants well being. Therefore, the fundamental measure to prevent health and disease without being unjustified to trade restrictive was created as to improve quality of food safety. According to the given research case, Australia’s department of Agriculture has found residues of antibiotics after an inspection service in imported shrimp and basa catfish consignment from Vietnam. The Australian government is concerned that local population might increase the risk of infection resistance as the result of ingesting fish produces that contain antibiotics residues. Thus, Australian government wishing to place a ban on all import fish from Vietnam unless the importer can proves that all import fish products are free of antibiotics debris. With anticipation of World
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