Report On University Of Florida Water Consumption And Methods Of Reduction

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Report on University of Florida Water Consumption and Methods of Reduction Yanfang Ao. James K. Clover. Andres E. Cubeddu. Gregory Iyar Table of Contents Abstract Page 1 1 Introduction Page 2 2 Methods Pages 2-3 2.1 Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Observation Page 2 2.2 Landscape Areas Observation Page 2 2.3 Student Survey Page 3 3 Results Page 3-5 3.1 Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Observation Result Page 3-4 3.2 Observation Results Graphs Page 4-5 3.3 Landscape Area Observations Results Page 5 3.3 Student Survey Results Page 5 4 Discussion Page 6 5 Conclusions and Summary Page 6 References Page 7 Abstract In response to a University of Florida Request for Proposal, the TechCorp company has formed a research team to investigate water usage on the University of Florida campus. The University of Florida occupies a unique role as a leader in sustainability and ecological awareness in the region, and in keeping with this role, emphasizes efficient water usage. However, this team’s research has shown that not only are university water supplies outdated and inefficient, but they are also unsatisfactory to students and faculty. This team has proposed a series of solutions designed to repair and replace damaged structures with highly efficient equipment and materials, and has scheduled maintenance plans for bathrooms, landscapes areas, pools, lecture halls

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