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To: Information Manager Office (ATTN: Mr. Black) August 18, 2003

FROM: Operations (ATTN: Theodore Robinson)

DATE: August 18, 2003


This report is in response to the various security and maintenance problem this company has experiencd over years. I propose to study the problem and develop a baseline defense in handling procedures for personnel using computers and the local area network (LAN).
My proposal, written for Information Management Office and staff, will cover these areas:
1. An assessment of the problem and the need for this report
2. The proposed plan is covered in phases outlining an
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5. Users not conducting virus scans on software and data files before loading them on to their assigned computer

Most maintenance and security problems are occurred due to lack of guidance. Personnel assigned to the company are unaware of the many variables that effect one of the company 's primary forms of communication, both external and internal.

The lack of guidance for use of computers and the LAN is contributing to the requirement for excessive maintenance of the company 's hardware, software and LAN. By addressing this problem immediately, we can prevent hackers from interdicting the company LAN, set a baseline for the company information security plan, and alleviate unscheduled maintenance on network infrastructure.

The proposed plan includes a detailed assessment of the methods, costs and materials, personnel requirements, feasibility, and expected results.

II. Body

Proposed Plan. 1. Phases of the Plan: a. Informing all employees, on the Proper Use of Computers and LAN: First, the Information Management Officer (IMO) must inform users of the maintenance and security problems. We will demonstrate the staff interest by sending out an email to all employees and posting information on the bulletin board. In an effort to give employees a better understanding of why the checklist is being implemented, we will post
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