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Report on Research Methodology 1. Introduction: An introduction is the first step towards framing a technical paper and it plays a key role in explaining to the readers what exactly the report is about. An introduction should start with a brief introduction about the title and followed by explanation of the basic and important concept in that research paper in short and then follows the problem description. An introduction is just an outline of the research paper. The problem which is identified should be always related to the title of the technical paper, this is done to avoid deviation from the topic. Introduction in a research paper is the complex part to frame as it is the outline and first view of the topic to the readers. Entire…show more content…
So, the method section is used to explain all those techniques, tools that are discussed in those research papers. Categorizing the various techniques, steps that are explained in the research paper in a readable and understandable manner is called procedures. It can be better explained as the step by step process of an experiment, how it was started and how the process follows. Some research topics results in browsing for more related research papers which might be difficult to categorize. In this situation, procedures helps to prioritize those information’s of various research papers. Methods and procedures are the significant part of the research paper. 4. Design and Results: Design in the research paper is the section were the entire flow of steps or the procedures followed and the tools are explained in detail with the help of pictures or flowcharts. It is the most mandatory part of a research paper and it is the core of the technical paper. And the result section is the sensitive part of a technical paper because it is the area where the final outcome is discussed. Some readers might scan the introduction and they will directly switch to results section to view the outcome and if they are satisfied they might wish to read the full technical paper. Result section should be detailed and understandable. It should clearly explain how the problem is solved in step by step manner. 5.
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