Report: The Performance of Nursing Professionals and Patient Recovery

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References: NEPPC. (2005). In Tannenwald Robert (Chair). Nurse-to-patient ratios: Research and reality. In Hershbein, B. (Ed.), NEPPC Conference Report Series No. 05-1 (p. 7). Retrieved from Watson, J. (2009). Caring science and human caring theory: Transforming personal and professional practices of nursing and health care. Journal of health and human services administration, 31(4), pp. 466-482. Accessed from EBSCO Academic Search Premier Welton, J. M. (2007). Mandatory hospital nurse to patient staffing ratios: Time to take a different approach. The online journal of issues in nursing, 12(3), Retrieved from There are other alternatives to increasing the performance of nursing professionals and patient recovery rates in a more cost-effective way. Welton (2007) suggests that nursing costs be delinked from fixed room charges and be charged to the patient depending on the intensity of care needed. Other alternatives include better recruitment and reimbursement policies for nurses, effective monitoring and mentoring opportunities, and enhancement of the nursing curriculum (Watson, 2009). Patient recovery also depends on the mix of nursing care, surgical treatment and hospital environment. A holistic approach should be taken to improve patient recovery
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